MASTERY Video #1: M.indset

TODAY’S VIDEO »»»  Church Secretary Mindset.
Once you become conscious of the negative thought patterns keeping you from excelling in the areas you want, and address them, you’ll see your productivity, joy, peace of mind and overall well being increase exponentially.

Sidenote: YouTube has THE worst video thumbnails. LOL!


  1. Kim says

    THANK YOU! I’ve already quoted you. “Don’t sow words with your mouth….”
    Great ‘pep-talk’.
    Looking forward to S PIRIT.
    I’ve been the secretary here since 1994. And I appreciate your video! Came the exact right morning for me. Huh……His Timing is always perfect.

    Thank you again.
    May our Lord continue to bless you!

  2. says

    It is so easy to get caught up in negative thinking in the church office with all the “issues” that come through the office. This video is a good reminder that WE control what we say or think. It is up to us to set the tone for our environment!

  3. Tammy Robertson says

    Thank you, very helpful. Mindset is important. I do believe that God put where we need to be. Thank you Lord that I have the right mindset. I think what God want me think, I have what God wants me have. I thank God that I very productive in what every I do. In the Name of Jesus.

    Thank you,
    Very Much
    Very good Video!

  4. Debbie says

    I thought this was helpful – it was a great reminder of the affects of our thoughts on our destiny. Also a great reminder to do our best to improve and equip ourselves to be the best we can be.


  5. admin says

    Thanks Debbie! Yep, sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we ALREADY know and encouraged to DO what we know. :)

  6. Angela Hawkins says

    Thanks for the pep talk, it’s a reminder for me, to taste my words before I spit them out.

  7. Marlene Ricketts says

    Thank God for you. I am working long hours, no weekends off , still not accomplishing and effectively handling my duties. As I write I am in office on a Saturday, after leaving work 11pm. Literally every thing you said , have helped me. The only thing I dont fear is the use of technology. For example my biggest challenge is letter writing. Tamala so much to say, but know this, God allow you to experienced your time as a Church Secretary to help people like me. I would have given up but you encourage me.

  8. says

    Hang in there Marlene. It can get better. If you haven’t already check out my 5 Secrets to Getting It All Done Action Guide and the “Help I Work In Ministry” report. They are both free gifts. Just go to the main site and click on each one from the menu at the top. Keep watching the videos but also at some point, get the Basic Training 101 manual and go from there. You have to start somewhere to stop digging the hole or else you’ll never get out of it. Also there is a link on the main CSE site, on the right hand side that is for Ministry Letters which can help you with the letters by providing letters that you can copy and modify to fit your needs. I love you for sharing and am praying for you. *hugs*

    Tamala :)


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